Meaning Making

Photo: Rhino1000 via Flickr

In our endless rush, we spend most of our time focused on the immediate, on whatever is right in front of us. We forget to look up and take notice.

In the last 12 months, I’ve been lucky enough to notice a half dozen raptors. Once I was just walking to the bus stop when I heard the call of a red-shouldered hawk across the street. Another time, I was sitting in a meeting, in a sterile downtown San Francisco office building, when a peregrine falcon landed on a tree branch just outside the window. More recently, I was rollerskating near the Port of Oakland and noticed a hawk perched above me while I sat to tighten my laces.

You know that awestruck feeling you get when you unexpectedly glimpse a shooting star? It can’t happen if you don’t look up. Remember to reorient your perspective. You might find inspiration and meaning where you least expect it.

2 thoughts on “Meaning Making

  1. Hi, Kathy. We met at the Open House on Saturday. I’m Ami’s friend. Saw this post about raptors — do you mind if I forward it to Golden Gate Audubon Society to see if they’d like to re-post on their blog? Might be fun… Nice to meet you online!

  2. Hi, Rosi. It was great meeting you too! Thanks for your offer to reach out to the Golden Gate Audubon Society, please feel free. And thanks again for coming out to the Open House.

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